Infrastructure overview

The current Balkan-IX peering infrastructure consists of route servers, switches and border routers with more than one hundred 1GE/10GE ports each, located in Sofia, Bucharest and Belgrade. All backbone links are double reserved!

Balkan Internet Exchange PoPs

  1. Telepoint– 122, Ovche Pole Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. Equinix SO1– 10, 5030 Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. SDC (Neterra)– 3, Grigorii Gorbatenko Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
  4. Daticum– 135, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
  5. TSBG– 3, Byalo More Str., Kapitan Andreevo – Bulgarian/Turkish Border
  6. NX Data 1– 8, Dimitrie Pompeiu Str., Bucharest, Romania
  7. NX Data 2– 6A, Dimitrie Pompeiu Str., Bucharest, Romania
  8. Palata Beogradjanka– 5 Masarikova Str., Beograd, Serbia

Balkan Internet Exchange – SLAs

Please review our Standard Service Level Agreement clauses:


Physical Interfaces - 1G

  • 1000Base-LX/LH (single-mode, duplex fiber, 1310nm, 10/20km), IEEE 802.3z
  • 1000Base-BX-D (single-mode, single fiber, Tx:1490nm Rx:1310nm, 10/20km), IEEE 802.3z
  • 1000Base-BX-U (single-mode, single fiber, Tx:1310nm Rx:1490nm, 10/20km), IEEE 802.3z

Physical Interfaces - 10G

  • 10GBASE-LR (single-mode, duplex fiber, 1310nm, 10km), IEEE 802.3ae

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