Balkan-IX The most reliable Internet eXchange in Bulgaria

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Local and European Peering

We made it simple for you… we are connected to the most important traffic exchange points in the Balkans. Experience less than 10 ms latency to Bucharest and less than 20 ms outside Balkans.

Carrier Services

Balkan-IX provides a full range of data transmission services for Telecoms and Corporate customers. The company operates in Balkan Peninsula and is head-quartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Products to support your IPTV service

IPTV Service represent audio visual media content broadcasting by using IP protocol for data transmission and is appropriate for usage by the majority of TV operators (DVB-C or IPTV).

DDoS Mitigation

With Balkan-IX attacks mitigation service in place, organizations no longer need to be concerned with the possibility of network disruptions and can maintain excellent user response time even when under attack.

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Our company is designed for telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), content providers, content delivery networks and any enterprise having its own Autonomous System (AS).

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