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Balkan IX offers its members unique opportunity to exchange traffic between each other at a single flat price. This means that a participant only orders a single port and then immediately gets connected to all other. This is an excellent solution to make a stable and reliable connection to the most important market players and content providers with lower latency. The network is being monitored by highly skilled engineers always available on your disposal for support requests.

Imagine all the opportunities…with having a Local peering exchange port connected to us with an even expanded value? Ever expanding. Yes it’s possible to achieve even more with your connection to us and we present this chance to our members without any additional costs! We currently offer direct connections to most important peering exchanges in Europe – Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm as well as in the region like Belgrade and Bucharest. We make it easy by omitting the need of transport through the well-known traffic hubs.

Key benefits:
You only build and support one single physical and logical connection and you get all our members’ prefixes as a next-hop.
You keep a single session with only one peer (ours) and the effect is the same as having private session with more and more people as we expand.
You omit the need to arrange private sessions with anybody connected to us (on sales or technical level).
 You are only interested in one physical connection in case you change hardware or move your datacentre.
 Your traffic levels expand without any limit as we expand our member’s base.
You don’t deal personally with any issue that may arise as we fully take the escalation in our hands to any respective party.
You only manage and upgrade a single port that may be 10Gbit’s or 1Gbit’s and don’t full up your switches with private physical interconnections.

Key possibilities and advantages:
We offer a transport IP address from our own AS and we give you a netmask of /24. This immediately enables you to make private communication with any member you want without any traffic interference from our routers or without any further configuration (approving, creating vlans etc.).
We offer you two route servers on your disposal so that you may benefit from the redundant topology we designed.
We enable you to send us specific BGP communities so that you fine tune your incoming and/or outgoing announces.
We enable you to expand your traffic levels up to the capacity of your physical port.
We serve all the support you need outstandingly fast and this makes technical issues almost impossible to arise.
We offer you a flat price per port no matter how much traffic passes through it.

Balkan-IX provides a full range of data transport services for Telecoms and Corporate customers.

Access and IP transit to global internet space.

Bulgarian Peering
Access to Bulgarian internet space through 40 Peering partners by providing direct connectivity to all major Bulgarian domains.
VPN over the Internet/ BG-Peering.
Static and dynamic BGPv4.

– All Services are available from all our Points of Presence and local loops.
– Service delivery to Balkan-IX Points of Presence or customer address.
– 100 % Guaranteed symmetric bandwidth.
– Network Operations Center 24x7x365.
– Service availability 99.999%.

With Balkan-IX attacks mitigation service in place, organizations no longer need to be concerned with the possibility of network disruptions and can maintain excellent user response time even when under attack.


Balkan IX can offer you:
Dedicated hardware that has the most accurate attack detection and prevention without blocking legitimate users’ traffic.
Maintain business continuity of operation even under network attacks.
Centralized attack management, monitoring and reporting.

Balkan-IX can provide a wide range of transport services. Please check with us what off-the-shelf or customized service we can provide to address your need!

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