There are several changes and new features that need your attention:

1. We’ve enabled BGP engineering from the web user interface of our platform. You can define both inbound and outbound BGP announcement policies from the web portal. If you still don’t have a login, please email our support, and we’ll be happy to create one for You.

2. B-IX adopted RPKI validation currently at 50%. This means that all “2nd” route servers, for example, RS2-BG/RG (both IPv4 and IPv6) are validating the prefixes with RPKI and rejecting those that aren’t with “VALID” status. We plan to adopt the RPKI validation at 100% by the end of next month (07.2024), so please review the RPKI status of your prefixes. You can check in the portal for your rejected prefixes or you can use the Looking Glass directly.
Note: The IRRDB validation is still active and the members should have properly set both IRRDB and RPKI for their prefixes to be advertised in the exchange.

3. We see that there are members who still aren’t using the automatically provisioned BFD session for them. Please check the status of your BFD sessions and configure them if needed. This will ensure that wherever you are connected – you don’t have to worry about your transport to B-IX. You can find the details here: