New member

Let us welcome our latest member:

Member: A1 BG
AS number: AS8717
BG IPv4 address:
Location: Telepoint Sofia
Port speed: 20G
Policy: open
RS Client: yes

Important: Google are changing their global peering policy!

Google (AS15169) are changing their global Internet exchange policy from “open” to “selective” peering. Please read the original information:
“As part of Google’s effort to simplify peering operations and increase routing security, we have decided to stop advertising and receiving prefix information from Route-Servers in Internet Exchanges. We invite other networks that rely on Route Servers to request a bilateral session. Bilateral session requests can be done at:”
Please update your PeeringDB information and request peering with Google if You need to. Keep in mind that Google may suspend their announcements through the Route Servers in the following weeks. upgraded to 100G

Our member (AS6939) has just upgraded from a 10G to a 100G interface. Congratulations!

New members January 2024

Let’s welcome our latest members:

I NET BULGARIA (AS60447) – 10G, Telepoint Sofia

GPNET (AS205343) – 10G, Gotse Delchev

EGT Digital (AS215941) – 10G, Telepoint Sofia